Madonna di Campiglio 2018

Blog 1 - 11th February 

So, here we are, safely arrived in Madonna di Campiglio and a full day’s skiing under our belts.

Ryanair staff were very complimentary of our boys - Mrs Gray will be proud!

So far, it’s been a great learning experience for all, so we’ll share some of our more useful findings for your enjoyment (or horror, depending on your sensibilities...)

- QEGS boys’ stomachs are remarkably fickle; despite turning a delightful shade of mint green from more or less the moment his mum dropped him off until the bus pulling up outside our hotel, Archie Sampson was right back on that horse with seconds of pizza demolished in no time. Trooper.

- George Cooke is clearly a fan of an early night: “Sir, why is Italy so dark?”

- he shall remain nameless but one boy discovered that toilet paper is not, in fact, merely decorative, but can be used for hygienic purposes rather than relying on underpants...

- on a equally delightful note, it turns out that a bidet is not a children’s toilet;

Well done to the boys for getting stuck in - the first morning’s skiing is always tricky, with finding groups, getting used to the equipment and the instructors, but everyone gave it their very best.

Thanks also to Fireman Sam for lending Mr Drury an outfit to ski in.

We’ll be back with more updates brimming with low-quality humour later this week.

A presto!

Blog 2 - 14th February

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is finally over - here is the QEGS JS ski trip blog #2....

It’s now Wednesday, meaning we’ve hit the mid-point of our trip.

The education of a QEGLET is never ending, so this blog will be a chance to see a selection of the many wonders our group has learned.

A QEGLET always dresses appropriately:
We’ve hiked through Dolomite forests in snow shoes... well, most of us did. Mr Gemmell mis-read the dress code (as you do) so decided that salopettes and snow boots were more or less the same as ripped skinny jeans and a pair of Nike running shoes (and no socks, obviously). It was touch-and-go but he didn’t lose any toes so we are now free to laugh at him.

A QEGLET always makes an effort with the locals:
After a lovely evening in a pizzeria, Dan Preston led the boys in thanking the staff in Italian. Not wanting to be outdone, Mr Gemmell thought he’d order his own drink but better check the vocab first, “What’s Fanta in Italian?” Don’t worry, he’s signed up for Italian club when school returns.

A QEGLET appreciates a good film:
Faced with the choice of Eddie the Eagle (erm... what?) or the finest piece of cinematography ever to grace a screen (Cool Runnings, obviously), our boys knew this wasn’t a choice at all so The Jamaican Bobsled Team was on the plasma in no time. Perhaps we underestimated the boys’ language skills as no one seemed to realise that it was playing in Italian for the first five minutes... when this was resolved, they proved themselves to be were well-versed in the key lines, when they’re home,  just shout, “Sanka, ya dead?” and we guarantee they’ll respond, “Ya man!”

And finally...

A QEGLET is there for his friends:
When his roommate was feeling a little homesick, Billy Broadbent stepped up to the plate to help him out with this gem, “If you’re not enjoying it, you might as well enjoy it.”
That glass is half full!

We’ll be back for our final instalment (no tears, please) on Friday.

Ciao ciao!

Blog 3 - 16th February

We’ve made it through the week - 65 boys each doing 5 hours’ skiing a day means we carved an awful lot of pistes, face-planted countless piles of snow, dropped innumerable ski poles and yet, somehow, had no injuries!

Billy Broadbent’s philosophical moment has spawned some other deep thinking:

“This hot chocolate is chocolatey.” - Ashton Edge

(Pointing at the snow) “Sir, are those giraffe footprints?” - Ashton Ellis

Thursday night brought the annual QEGS (might) have Got Talent competition. You can thank us later for sitting through each and every performance... but let’s summarise:

- Marcus English needs to hang his head in shame after a Haka which was more like a Morris dance.

- QEGS  boys use the word ‘magic’ very liberally; and

- When it came to the winner, even the brute of a man, Mr Gemmell, had a tear in his eye as Christopher “The Moose” Adamou belted out Andrea Bocelli’s Con Te Partirò. Extra points for singing in Italian!

On Friday afternoon, all the groups met up at Chalet FIAT - the über cool bar perched atop Monte Spinale. We enjoyed hot chocolates, cakes and held our ski award ceremony. Getting there in itself was quite a feat given that it involves two chair lifts but we all made it up there to enjoy the blazing sunshine and incredible panorama - check our Mr Brook’s drone footage for an idea of what it’s like. We’re still searching for the naughty culprit who called him, Geeky Geeky Drone boy...

See you in England!

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