Learning Resources for Parents

In this section, we will be building up a library of resources for our Junior School parents.

These will give you advice on how you can help your child in their learning of specific subjects, and how to support them in general in their education.

The sharing of resources is not designed to negate the importance of attending Curriculum Evenings, but to support them and topics discussed at these events.

SATS Videos
Whilst at QEGS we do not do the Year 6 SATs exams, the summative assessments we use are similar. The link above provides a downloadable spreadsheet that contains hyperlinks to videos explaining how to answer old SATs questions in all areas of mathematics. This is not only for Year 6 boys. The easier questions at the start of each section would be suitable for boys lower down the school and are typical of questions that might come up in Year 5, even Year 4, end of year tests.

Curriculum Newsletters

Each year we produce Curriculum Newsletters for Year 3 to Year 6. These documents are intended to give parents a handy summary of the topics and key learning objectives that will be covered in each year group during the term.

Please look out for the new versions every term and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas for how these topics could be developed, or if you have particular skills/expertise in any of the areas mentioned and would be happy to come into school and share it!