Academic Year 2020 - 21

WGSF school fees are inclusive of the following, many of which are charged for separately at other schools:-

  • School lunches

  • Text books

  • Public examination fees (Senior Schools)

  • Learning Support costs

  • Essential curriculum based field trips

  • Mulberry House Nursery and all Junior Schools trips and visits - other than residential trips. (Note: this excludes the annual Pantomime trip which costs extra)

Fees are reviewed annually to take effect from the Autumn Term each year. Details of any increase in fees are advised to parents in May of each year.

  Autumn Per Term Spring/Summer Per Term Per Annum
Reception to Year 2 £3,204 £3,268 £9,740
Years 3 and 4 £3,312 £3,378 £10,068
Years 5 and 6 £3,496 £3,566 £10,628

Early Years Free Entitlement
Boys attending Reception are currently eligible for the Early Years Free Entitlement, up to and including the term when they reach their 5th birthday. The first 15 hours of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are delivered completely free of charge. The balance of fees payable for the term are due entirely in respect of the additional hours your son attends Reception.

Salary Sacrifice Vouchers
Salary Sacrifice Vouchers can be used towards educational fees up to a pupil's 5th birthday. They can be used towards after school care and school holiday clubs as required.

Note: A full term's notice in writing to the Director of Finance and Operations is required before a pupil is withdrawn from any school in the Foundation. This does not apply to pupils in Year 13.

Individual Music Tuition
Individual Music Tuition is charged at £21.00 per lesson. This is invoiced termly in arrears.

Key Facts

  • Fees are inclusive and cover school lunches, text books and principal public examination fees
  • Salary Sacrifice Vouchers are accepted
  • Individual music tuition is additional and charged termly